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  2. Masitentan


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  4. Riociguat


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  6. Seleksipag


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  8. PAH

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  10. Genel PH tedavisi


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  12. PAH

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  15. Kombinasyon tedavisi


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  17. Non- farmakolojik


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  19. PAH

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  21. İlişkili PAH

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  23. KTEPH

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  30. Etiyolojiye özel yayınlar

    Pulmoner hipertansiyon

    Genel PH

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  48. İlişkili PH

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  54. Pediatrik PH

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  60. Pulmoner arteriyel hipertansiyon (Grup 1)

    Genel PAH

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  90. İdiyopatik PAH

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  93. İlişkili PAH

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  102. Pediatrik PAH

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  107. COVID-19 ve PAH

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  109. Sol kalp hastalığına bağlı PH (2)

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  113. Akciğer hastalıkları ve/veya hipoksiye bağlı PH (Grup 3)

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  118. KTEPH ve diğer pulmoner arter obstrüksiyonları (4)

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  134. Belirsiz ve/veya çok faktörlü mekanizmalara sahip PH (5)

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  136. SSc-DU

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